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Panel Rockwool

      The rock wool products regard basalt as its main raw materials, after the towering stove is melted, use high-speed acentric equipment to make basalt high-temperature melting body into inorganic fiber, and then put bond, polish, silicone oil in at the mean time. According to different requirements, we can manufacture kinds of products, such as rock wool board, rock wool pipe, rock wool blanket, rock wool elbow, tile, and so on.

Main Products:         Plates, rolls, tubes.

Density:                    40 – 200kg/m3

Thickness:                 25 – 100mm

width:                       600, 1.200mm

length:                       1.200, 2.000, 5.000, 7.500mm

Temperature:              250 - 850oC


-Excellent thermal insulation, mechanical, fireproof and sound absorption property

– High acidity coefficient, good chemical stability and fiber durability.

– Low cost and high temperature resistance


It is widely used as thermal insulation material for hightemperature pipe, tank, equipment and vessel in petroleum, chemical and metallurgy industry. It can also be applied to partition, ceiling and building wall as thermal insulation and sound absorption